Nome FAQ

How do I add a favorite?

After searching and finding a place, click the star icon to add it to your favorites.

How do I re-order my favorites?

From the favorites page, press and hold on a favorite and drag it to where in the order you want it.

Do I always have to listen to music with directions?

No! In the settings menu tap music, and disable auto-queue creation.

I don't have Apple Music or music from iTunes, can I still use Nome?

Sure, but none of the music features of the app will work for you.

Music from iPhone library does not appear in Nome.

First, make sure your Apple Music subscription is still valid, or you're signed into the iCloud you purchased your music with. Then, make sure that the album/playlist is downloaded to your device.

I purchased premium but it's not showing.

First make sure you are signed into iCloud with the account you purchased premium with. Then on the purchase premium page, scroll to the bottom and tap restore purchase.

Want to improve your Nome experience?

When you navigate with turn-by-turn or Music Only directions, keep Nome open and your phone unlocked. Also, a good internet connection goes a long way!

Other questions? Found a bug?

Email us at info@ferdasoft.com